The goals of CIDLeS are:

  • to encourage and disseminate the documentation, study and support of endangered/minority languages and cultures, fostering its research;
  • to improve and deepen language documentation, linguistic typology and associated subjects in the universe of linguistic research in Portugal;
  • to document and promote the linguistic diversity in Europe;
  • to encourage national and international exchange and network building with universities, research centres and companies;
  • to foster interdisciplinary research in linguistics and promote communication and debate in a spirit of free scientific criticism and mutual support;
  • to enhance interdisciplinary approaches in basic scientific research in linguistics through cooperation and joint work with university centres with different scientific orientations (corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, didactics, etc.);
  • to create and develop language corpora on the basis of data collected and processed through language documentation projects (e.g. for the development of teaching materials, not only for endangered languages, for research in language typology and in language technologies);
  • to develop computational tools for the research on minority languages;
  • to develop scientific projects with direct practical orientations by working together with companies (especially with language technology companies);
  • to create, maintain and expand a library dedicated to language documentation and language typology.

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