Ilona Schulze

Short Bio

llona Schulze has received her B.A. in Cultural Sciences and her M.A. in Historical Sciences (Modern Europe - History and Literature) from the University of Hagen (Germany). Before, she had been trained in technical language translation (diploma for English/French/Spanish). In 2014, she concluded her PhD thesis on "Language as a Fait Culturel" at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. In addition, she is engaged as a scientific advisor in a project on minorities and self-perception in Armenia.

Current Work at CIDLeS

In the context of CIDLeS, she is a member of the team preparing the "Multimedia Bilingual Dictionary of Minderico" (financed by ADIRN). Ilona Schulze has specialized on the interface between socioculture, economics, and language in a usage-based and historical perspective, including the cognitive foundation of this interface.