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Short Bio

Peter Bouda finished his M.A. in 2007 at the Institute of General Linguistics and Language Typology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. He then worked as a software developer for Linguatec Language Technologies in Munich and later as a freelancer in software development for mobile phones. Peter is a co-founder of CIDLeS. He is also a researcher at the University of Marburg, within the project Quantitative Historical Linguistics. The project aims to uncover and clarify phylogenetic relationships between native South American languages using quantitative methods. The two main objectives of the projects are digitalization of the lexical resources on native South American languages and development of new and innovative computer-assisted methods to quantitatively analyze this information.

Peter is a big fan of LEGO® and won the Codebits Coding Competition in Lisbon in 2011 with a project called "LEGO® Coding", where he used Lego bricks as commands in a physical programming language. He occasionally acts as a judge at the FIRST® LEGO® League Portugal.

Current Work at CIDLeS

Peter is the head of the CIDLeS Media Lab. He is responsible for the development of the libraries graf-python, Poio API and the software packages Poio and WordByWord. He represents our research center in the Working Group 3: Linguistic Fieldwork, Anthropology, Language Typology of the CLARIN framework programme.



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