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Vera Ferreira, one of the members of the ELRA Workgroup on Less-Resourced Languages (LRL), will attend the first meeting of the ELRA-LRL committtee that will take place on the 18th of October in Paris.

The ELRA Workgroup on Less-Resourced Languages (LRL) intends to bring together a number of professionals involved in the development of language resources and technologies for less-resourced languages. The main goal of the workgroup is to build a community that not only supports linguistic diversity through technology and ICT but also commits to increase the chances of less-resourced languages (regional, minority, or endangered) to survive the digital world.

Through this initiative, ELRA reasserts its commitment to contribute to the preservation of languages including those with little or no technology support.

For more details on ELRA-LRL workgroup please consult

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