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Miroslav Valeš giving the introductory course at the Secondary School of Valverde del Fresno

In the framework of the project Community-Driven Documentation and Description of A Fala, between March and May 2019, the students of the 10th grade of the the Secondary School of Valverde del Fresno will be involved in the recordings of community members of A Fala speaking about a variety of topics. The recordings will be used for documentation purposes and also for a journalistic-style presentation, a newspaper.

The students will record elder speakers of the three villages, transcribe the recordings literally and after that use the transcription to work with the text and create a publishable interview. In this way, they will learn about the importance of language conservation and moreover, they will acquire many important skills, namely to prepare and carry out an interview, to transcribe it and work with the raw text and to make a presentable outcome. All these activities will show them the richness of the language in spoken and written form.

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