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Job for Python developer

Posted by: Peter Bouda 8 years, 4 months ago

We, the Centro Interdisciplinar de Documentação Linguística e Social (CIDLeS), are looking for a software developer in a full-time position. We are a young research centre in Minde/Portugal that develops software for language documentation projects. You would be responsible for the development of our library PyAnnotation and the desktop software Poio that researchers use to organize and analyze their language data. We use Python in our software development, so we assume that you have at least some experience with Python. You don’t have to be a Python expert, but we expect experience in software development in general and that you want to learn more about Python. We have a small and creative team that already develops software and does research on Minderico, an endangered language in Minde.

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Congratulations "Minderico"!

Posted by: Peter Bouda 8 years, 5 months ago

One year ago today (18.05.2011) and after a very long process initiated by Vera Ferreira from CIDLeS, Minderico was internationally recognized as a language by SIL International, receiving the ISO code DRC and being classified as active, individual, and living. It was a very important step for the development of Minderico. The Minderico community as good reasons to celebrate.

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O Touquim Xaral

Posted by: Peter Bouda 8 years, 6 months ago

"O Touquim Xaral" is a Minderico course delivered in 12 issues during the period of one year. Its preparation began in January 2011 and the first issue was released in April 2011. All the issues are being distributed with the newspaper "Jornal de Minde". The twelve issues can be organized in a folder developed for that purpose that can be purchased in the local stationers since the beginning of the project. The issues were developed according to several semantic domains related to the vocabulary of daily life, namely idiomatic expressions, weather, family, places and countries, human body, clothing, food, drinks, house, transports, jobs and institutions, and animals. The main aim of the project is to present Minderico to a larger group of people, mainly to the younger generation that intends to learn Minderico. CIDLeS is responsible for the linguistic and didactic organization of the issues. The print costs are supported by Centro de Artes e Oficios Roque Gameiro and the distribution costs are covered by the local administration (Junta de Freguesia de Minde).

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Minderico Videos on Facebook

Posted by: Peter Bouda 8 years, 7 months ago

Minderico has become a language that different generations throughout the time have used as a way of communication. People from different ages talked with each other in Minderico proving that the language is not spoken only for commercial transactions as it was in the past. Members of the local community do not feel ashame when they express themselves in Minderico and that represents a first and important step in the process of revitalization and documentation of this endangerous language. Above all, this is a question of identity for the locals and reinforces their sense of belonging. Here are some examples of dialogues in Minderico in two different periods: in the 1950's and nowadays.

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International Mother Language Day

Posted by: Peter Bouda 8 years, 8 months ago

IMLD In November 1999 the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed the International Mother Language Day (IMLD) with the aim of promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingual education. The IMLD has since been celebrated all over the world on the 21st of February. The theme of this year is “Mother tongue instruction and inclusive education".

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