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This month the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation (CIDLeS) celebrated ten years of work and research in language documentation and linguistic typology. Since its founding, CIDLeS has led and participated in many projects to further its mission toward the documentation and valorization of linguistic diversity, most notably: 

CIDLeS held several conferences, including Endangered Languages in Europe (ELE 2013), which included a Language Fair with representatives from ten communities presenting their languages and an Endangered Languages Music Festival. Additionally, in cooperation with SOAS and Mercator, CIDLeS held CinC 2017 in Alcanena, Portugal. CIDLeS also hosted LAPI (International Symposium on Endangered Languages and Language Varieties) in the Iberian Peninsula in 2016 and 2019.

In addition to conferences, CIDLeS worked on projects such as Poio, an open-source text predicter, which was launched in 2013 and continues to grow by becoming available in even more minority languages. Successful language documentation projects include the completion and publication of the Minderico Dictionary and the Documentation of A Fala. Language revitalisation projects include WordByWord in 2014 and the Interactive Map of Minde

Finally, CIDLeS led and partook in several trainings and outreach events, such as summer and spring schools to train students and young scholars on language documentation, including Coding for Language Communities and Community-driven Language Documentation, both in 2014, and LDT in 2016.  

CIDLeS would not be where it is today, continuing to grow and collaborate with researchers and communities around the world, without our supporters. Thank you for supporting CIDLeS, and cheers to another ten years! 


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