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CIDLeS is a non-profit institution in Portugal whose main focus lies on the documentation and study of endangered and minority languages and on the development of language technologies for scientific and didactic work on lesser-used languages. Our aim is to foster the use and presence of those languages in the globalized world and to improve the research on digital humanities.

Becoming a member of CIDLeS is a way of supporting our work and, simultaneously, promoting language diversity and strengthening minority languages, increasing their visibility.

The annual membership fee is 30€. Members will automatically receive our monthly newsletter and get advantages in the events (conferences, training courses, summer schools, workshops, etc.) organized by the centre.

Join us here:

You can also support our work through donations. Your money will be used for (community-driven) documentation and revitalization projects and for training. You can make a PayPal donation using your credit card or checking account. If you are ready to donate, please press the "Donate" button above to proceed. 

Alternatively, you can donate via bank transfer:

Bank: Crédito Agrícola
Account holder: CIDLeS
IBAN: PT50004552424023949853259
NIB: 004552424023949853259 

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