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LAPI 2019 aimed to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars to exchange methodologies and experiences of best practice on language documentation, archiving and revitalization in the Iberian Peninsula, and discuss issues related to language diversity, oral literature, multilingualism, new speakerness, language technologies for lesser-used languages, presence in the digital world, archiving, and language policy. At LAPI 2019, presenters were invited to give their presentations in their languages, and talks were held in several languages, including indigenous languages of the Iberian Peninsula, such as Catalan. LAPI 2019 was held in collaboration with SOAS World Languages Institute and the project FRONTESPO on July 4th & 5th, 2019.

Group photo of some of LAPI 2019 participants

To view all photos, visit the CIDLeS Facebook page, here.

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