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CIDLeS has created a short film for the LangUp Project with the Minderico community (Minde, Portugal). CIDLeS is proud to be partnering with Fryske Akademy (the Netherlands), Asociacion Negra de Defensa y Promocion de los Derechos Humanos (Peru), Agenda Global Siglo 21 (Argentina), and  Action Synergy (Greece) on LangUp: Preservation of Minority cultures and languages. An entrepreneurial opportunity to embrace the past and the future. LangUp is funded by Erasmus+.

This film can also be found on the CIDLeS Youtube channel, here.

Today, CIDLeS team (Rita Pedro, Pedro Manha, Elsa Nogueira and Catarina Almeida) depart for Lima, Peru, for the final LangUp meeting.

To learn more about the LangUp project, click here.

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