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(Photo by Hotel Mar & Sol)

ELDP (SOAS) and CIDLeS invite students and researchers in linguistics and related fields to participate in the summer school on Quantification with Qualification: Creating and exploring language corpora (QwQ 2016). The school will take place from August 29 (Monday) to September 3 (Saturday) 2016, in Hotel Mar & Sol in São Pedro de Moel (Portugal).

For more information on the event, please consult the following website:

The registration deadline is March 31, 2016. The number of participants is limited.

You can register here:

CIDLeS's members have reduced fees! CIDLeS member fee is available to everyone who is a member of the Centre or would like to become one. To register for QwQ at a CIDLeS member rate, membership dues must have been paid prior to the deadline (March 31st 2016)!

Become a member:

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