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CIDLeS members Vera Ferreira and Miroslav Valeš have both been featured on Field Notes, a podcast about linguistic fieldwork. Vera is featured on the inaugural episode, as well as episodes 9 and 10 (Q&A from podcast listeners). In episode 1, Vera discusses her fieldwork in Europe working with the Minderico (Portugal), Fala (Spain), and Bavarian (Germany) communities.

In episode 12, Miroslav discusses his long and varied fieldwork career, and his experiences working with the Lakhota (USA), Shuar (Ecuador) and A Fala (Spain) communities. To learn more about Miroslav's work with the A Fala community, visit his project page on the CIDLeS website, found here.

Field Notes is available on the Apple Podcasts app (iPhone), Google Play Music (Android), Google Podcasts app (Android), StitcherSpotifyPodbeanPodcast RepublicCastboxPlayer FM, TuneIn and several other podcasting apps via RSS. 

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