CIDLeS in Minde

The headquarters of CIDLeS are located in Minde, Portugal. Minde is a small town, approximately 850 years old. Some historians assert that the first inhabitants came in the 12th century. However, it was not officially recognized as a town ("Vila") until 1963. Minde belongs to the municipality of Alcanena, district of Santarém, 115 km north from Lisbon and 240 km south from Porto.

Minde is essentially an industrial town almost entirely concerned with the manufacture of textiles and wool artefacts. From the 16th century on, the blankets of Minde became famous all over the country. Due to this popularity, the wool carders and merchants of Minde began to use Minderico in order to protect and defend their products from "intruders" and to earn more profit in their commercialization. Later, this language extended to all social and professional groups in Minde and became the main means of communication in the village. The geographical isolation of Minde (it lies in a closed depression surrounded by two plateaux - the plateau of Santo António and the plateau of São Mamede) was also an important factor for the use and preservation of a unique linguistic variety. The linguistic reality of Minde was a decisive factor for choosing this town as the ideal location for the headquarters of CIDLeS.

Minde on the map

The Research Centre CIDLeS is marked by a red pin:

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